Honey – Day #12

John the Baptist was the fulfillment of prophecies spoken by Isaiah of the voice crying out in the wilderness (Isaiah 40:3). John lived in the wilderness, where God prepared Him, positioning him to be the one to herald the coming of Jesus. John lived off the land. It was common for people in the Middle East at that time to eat locusts. There were four different types of locusts that were considered clean for the Jewish people to eat.

Honey would have been a sweet treat. I like how they mention it in these verses with the eating of locusts. I think of God providing these things for John to eat. He provided the locusts, and they were the provision fulfilling a need. He also provided the honey, and the honey was the giving of abundance.

Every sparrow is taken care of. The Lord provides us more than we can ask, think or imagine. Thank you Father for your provision. You are such a good provider!

Matthew 3:4 ESV